Monday, November 4, 2013

Top 5 Android Apps for Editing Photos.

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            If you’re an Android user then you are really blessed with countless number of apps that you can use for anything. The Play Store is swarming with around one million apps these days, and public can get overwhelmed by the astounding amount of tools.
There are literary hundreds of apps devoted to photography itself, so how can you decide which is the best one? Make sure you capture, edit, share and save the most essential moments of your life by using one of the following top 5 android apps for editing photos

Top Editing Apps

Smartphone photography has become heavily dependent on little artistic tweaks, such as contrast or color adjustments, color filters, vintage effects. So, for making your photos look enhanced, here are the best editing apps:

1. Photo Editor (Aviary)

The Photo Editor by Aviary is a complete photo editing app on which you can do just about anything you wish for. Among the many editing features, we liked the cosmetic tools, which eliminate blemishes and other skin impurities, the meme generator and the one-tap auto enhance option. With over 260,000 5-star ratings, we can securely say that it is among the most magical Android photography apps.

2. PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro has over 68,000 5-star ratings in the Play Store, and this makes it one of the most adored and reliable photo editing tools for Android smartphones, with easy options for sharing photos on Facebook, Flickr, or Picasa. It’s also a lot of fun to use because you can beautify your friends’ pretty faces with moustaches, slot in text bubbles, or you can simply insert different types of effects to photos. In numerous ways it’s similar to the photo editors that you are probably already used to because it also has exposure, contrast, saturation, tint and brightness options.

3. Vignette

Vignette is yet another outstanding Android camera app. Most users download it for editing as it has more than 70 effects and 50 frame styles that you can select from. Also, each and every effect can be morever modified with the help of over 20 custom settings. Finally, you can edit photos as you take them, an exceptionally convenient feature.

4. Adobe Photoshop Touch

Almost every professional photographer is by now familiar with the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop(one of the most dominant photo manipulation programs)so they were more than eager to try out its mobile app, now available for Android. The app mostly brings all the significant features of Photoshop to the Android OS, and even if it may seem a little complicated to understand at first, if you continue, you will soon find out that its editing capabilities go far ahead that of Instagram or Aviary.

5. Snapseed

If you are not really into expert photography, or you just want to make your photos look superior for Facebook, make sure you have Snapseed. First of all, it is totally free. Secondly, it’s equipped with many refined filters and tools that will help you emphasize the most vital features of your photo.


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