Monday, November 4, 2013

Top 5 Android Apps for Shooting Photos.

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If you’re an Android addict then you are really blessed with limitless number of apps that you can use for anything. The Play Store is abundant with around one million apps these days, and public can get overwhelmed by the surprising amount of tools.
There are literary hundreds of apps dedicated to photography itself, so how can you make a decision which is the best one? Make sure you capture, edit, share and save the most essential moments of your life by using one of the following top 5 android apps for shooting photos

Best Photography Apps

When it comes to photography, the most essential process is definitely the shooting. You can easily edit a photo that has good quality light and respectable framing, and with the following Smartphone photography apps the procedure will be very simple. Learn how to change the atmosphere of the camera, the light intake and many other things.

1. Camera360 Ultimate

This is the most popular photo app and it also offers a cloud platform to handle files, also eight shooting modes (including audio mode, quick-shoot, self-portrait). Camera360 is the most excellent app for those who are still working their way around the Android OS because every shooting and editing option has little explanation and descriptions. The app also has a “funny-photography” mode, with which you can generate ghost pics.

2. Pro HDR Camera

As the name clearly suggests, the Pro HDR Camera is one of the most highly developed Android photography apps for shooting photos. With it you can take great photos, with high-quality contrast, lighting and brightness. Another thing that you will positively appreciate about it is the fact that it can take great-quality photos on dark nights (apparently, this also depends on your phone camera specifications).

3. ProCapture

ProCapture has received nearly 2,960 5-star ratings, and for excellent reason: it’s a superb photo-shooting app that will absolutely improve your Android camera experience. At the instant it’s available in a free version, and a paid one (which has additional features). With it you can create panoramic photos, and link together quite a few photographs in order to make one, high-quality one.

4. Retro Camera

Do you do really adore vintage and retro effects? Android’s respond to iPhone’s Hipstamatic was a vintage camera app called Retro Camera. This tool is mainly a camera through which you can add different effects, like film scratching, vignetting and lots more. It also has a quick sharing option for social media profiles.

5. Photaf Panorama Pro

Photaf is without a doubt the best Android app for creating 360-degree panoramic photos. As a matter of fact, it is so highly developed that you can capture panoramas horizontally, vertically, and even in HD quality. The only thing you need to do is to keep your hand still while taking the shots!


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