Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flappy Bird creator says He will take down the game on Sunday


Flappy Bird inventor  Nguyen took to Twitter on Saturday revealing his intentions to take down the trendy game.

"I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down," Nguyen tweeted. "I cannot take this anymore."

When asked if there were any legal grounds behind his decision, Nguyen specified that wasn't the case, adding he just couldn't "keep it anymore".

When a few asked Dong Nguyen if he would be agreeable to sell the game, the Vietnam-based developer indicated otherwise.

In his last tweet on the same subject, Nguyen mentioned that we would keep on making (other) games.

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Flappy Bird has become a viral sensation in current week, with the game become the number one free app on the iOS App Store in many countries, followed by comparable success on Android's Google Play store. Nguyen had also indicated a Windows Phone version of Flappy Bird was on the way.
Flappy Bird's principle is simple, the player has to find the way for the bird through a sequence of gaps between vertical pipe-shaped obstacles (that appeared same as of Nintendo's Mario in terms of artwork ), rising up and down by tapping the screen to flap the bird's wings.

The game's popularity is supposed to be related to its difficulty, with players challenged to set a high score on a worldwide leaderboard. There are no lives, or in-app purchases in Flappy Bird, and players get a single point for each pair of pipes they fly through, and medals after every ten points all the way up to platinum.
Flappy Bird guide blossomed around the Web and app stores to help frustrated players, who criticize of not being able to stop playing, repeatedly wanting to set a new high score. Users sharing screenshots of their new Flappy Bird high score on Facebook and Twitter became a common sight.

At the similar time, many questioned the game's success, with players and 'critics' pointing out the rough animation, awful graphics, badly placed banner ads, and buggy edge-detection.

Flappy Bird for iOS and Android is available as of writing this post, but that looks set to change shortly.

What do you feel of Dong Nguyen's decision to take down the game? Have you played Flappy Bird yet, and what is your high score? Let us know by means of the comments.

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  1. I played when I got the chance since I am a 25 year old mother of 3 and even though after a while I got frustrated I would laugh because it took off stress I built throughout my day and I was then frustrated about nothing

    1. good for you Ladii

      we hope you make to leaderboard in flappy bird :P

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