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How To Send A Secret Message That Will Self-Destruct In The Receiver’s Inbox.

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How To Send A Secret Message That Will Self-Destruct In The Receiver’s Inbox.

Ever wanted to be a secret spy of some country who is on a very important mission to save the world. Well I don’t know how you can be a spy but I certainly know how to make you feel like one. A private message is sent to a top secret agent, the agent reads it and then the message self-destructs, yeah just like the one in Mission Impossible franchise.

You know what, even you can send the same type of self-destructing message but obviously it won’t destruct itself in the dramatic way that is shown in the movie.

So Here’s a guide on How to send a secret message that will self-destruct in the receiver’s inbox.

Sometimes you need to share private information like password, credit card details or bank account information with a family member, friend or coworker. It is possible to simply send the personal information via email or a chat message to the receiver. Still, there is a risk that they might forget to delete the messages and your private information may still stay in their inbox or computer. This means that a mischievous user, who accomplishes to illegally access the receiver’s computer or account in the future, could possibly access your private information and misuse it. Wouldn't it be awesome if you are able to share your private message with the receiver by means of a self-destructing message which automatically gets deleted once it has been read?

Burn Note Site
There is a very website known as Burn Note which can be very handy. It permits a user to send a message to someone else in such a way that the message will be automatically deleted instantly or after a predefined number of seconds after it has been read. This makes sure that your messages remains in point of fact secretive and cannot be retrieved by anyone after it has been transported to the wished-for addressee.

In this example, let us assume that a family member needs your credit card number for an urgent purchase and you wish to share in the form of a protected self-destructing message.

All you need to do is merely start your browser and connect to Burn Note Website and type the private message of your choice in the space provided.

Options For Secret Message That Will Self-Destruct In The Receiver’s Inbox. Burn Note

For further security, it is not only possible to stop the receiver from being able to copy your private message, but also to put a password on the self-destructing message. This gives you twice the protection against unapproved access to your private information. Besides, Burn Note also permits you to specify the number of seconds after which the private message will robotically self-destruct.

Click on the Options button to access all the different options offered to you while generating the private message.

When you are done writing the private message and choosing the several options related to it, Click on the Send button. Burn Note will now generate a URL or link to a special short-term web page where private message will be stored.

To share the message with your friend, you only need to send this link to your friend by means of email, chat or Whatsapp.

When the receiver opens the link, they will be taken to the special short-term web page where your private message has been stored. On the other hand, they won’t be allowed to view the private message without entering the password if you chose to set one.

Secret Message That Will Self-Destruct In The Receiver’s Inbox Sent via Burn Note

Only when the correct password is entered will the receiver be allowed to view your private message. The greatest part is that the private message can only be used once and will be automatically erased after the predefined number of seconds.

The receiver of your private message also has the choice to reply to your message with another self-destructing Burn Note private message from right within your message.

Burn Note Mobile app is also available. Some other widespread websites that allow you to send similar self-destructing messages are:


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