Thursday, August 7, 2014

Google adds which may possibly be the best feature in Gmail.

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Google adds which may possibly be the best feature in Gmail.

Sick of all the promotional or spam email. Not a problem now. Google today released a well-ordered feature for those who like to moderate the number of emails they receive. Google declared today that it’s adding a new “unsubscribe” link at the top of emails in Gmail making it stress-free to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Most of us have searched for the unsubscribe button in an email that marketers often conceal at the lowermost and making it difficult to find. Making the unsubscribe option easy to find is a victory for everyone .Some users might have observed the feature progressing out in past weeks, but it look as if Google has now made it live for all.

This doesn't work for all types of email. Obviously, it only works for those that take account of an Unsubscribe link in the first place, but Google also records that the feature depends on Gmail’s new default filters: emails found in the Promotions, Social, or Forums tabs.

Google points out that this not only inspires users to keep their inbox mess-free, but it also helps the writers of the content: “For email senders, their mail is less probable to be marked as spam.” Conversely, we would suggest that if you didn’t subscribe to a mailing list but you’re still getting emails anyway, then mark them spam to have a clean inbox.

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