Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Google like a Boss.

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If you want to use Google faster, better and more exactly than ever before, you can use some simple search tricks, tips and twists that the only expert searchers on Google know. Most people use Google by just typing in the keywords they want to search for, and then clicking on the search results that are showed. But there is a lot more to Google than just the commonly used keywords-based search task. Depending on what you want to do, it is possible to use Google Search shortcuts to rapidly access the material that you want.

So Here’s How to Google like a Boss.

1. Definitions

If you are writing an email to client or reading an article online and want to find out the exact definition of a specific word you can simply type define:technology.

2. Movies

If you want to make a weekend plan with your family and ant to check which movies are playing in your city and maybe even see they trailers online, Google will automatically sense your current location and will look up movies playing in you city. All you have to do is type: movie.

3. Flight status

If you are on a business trip and want to find out the gate information for your flight and whether it is on time or not mere type your flight name.

4. Recipes

If you want to find a particular recipe, just go here and type the name of your favorite dish.

5. Unit Conversion

If you are measuring your room in preparation for a makeover or want to figure out how cold it really is when your cousin in US tells you the temperature in Fahrenheit, let Google covert innumerable measurement units from one type to another. Unit conversion allows users to covert temperature, length, mass, speed, time, area, volume and others. For Example you type Dollars to Rupees.


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