Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Alternative to iOS and Android: Ubuntu for Android.


When we talk about Operating Systems for mobile phones and tablets, two names comes in our mind right away that are Android and iOS, the most noticeable mobile operating systems presently available.

Android is developed by Google and can be set up on a very wide range of devices from different manufacturers. Thanks to the fact that Google creates the code for much of Android freely available, anyone from an individual to big companies can build on top of the Android platform. iOS, on the other hand is developed by Apple and works only on precise Apple hardware, like the iPhone and iPad.

Despite the fact that both of these OS are enormously popular, well designed, easy to use and idolized by their respective fans, they are not the only mobile operating systems in the market. There are a few lesser known mobile OS but here is an Alternative to iOS and Android: Ubuntu for Android that may prove a milestone is Mobile OS.

Alternative to iOS and Android: Ubuntu for Android.

Ubuntu maker Canonical is getting into the smartphone business in a big way. In the desktop computing world, Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux has earned momentous grip as a free substitute to OSX and Windows, and they are now self-confident to break into the phone arcade with Ubuntu for Android.
Ubuntu for Android make the most of Android’s kernel (a core element of the OS) and its drivers, but promises to let loose the true command of multicore devices by gaining access to the hardware more efficiently as compared to Android. Canonical, the commercial body behind Ubuntu, minimize the great difference between your phone and your laptop as much as possible by passing a full collection of desktop applications to the mobile arcade. The really attention and focus of Ubuntu For androidis multitasking. Here's How to Dual Boot Ubuntu on Android.

Ubuntu for Android is a solution that lets you dock your Android phone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to use your phone as a fully equipped desktop computer. When you’re away from your computer, you can use your phone as a normal Android handset.

At the end of the day, they want their users to plug their phones into docks, which delivers an experience like desktop, permitting continuous transitions between work, play and on the go use of your smartphone.

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I assume that many of the geek users will be motivated to dual-boot their Android phones and use both operating systems. General users will be more liable to drift to a tablet that allows them to take their Ubuntu experiences from one device to the next with a simple swipe of their finger.

Smartphones working on Ubuntu’s mobile OS should be released sometime this year. Have a glimpse of Ubuntu for Android in the video above.


  1. Not available for S4...only for selected devices... :(

    1. Ubuntu Officially Available for the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus... Smartphones working on Ubuntu’s mobile OS should be released sometime this year.


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