Monday, February 10, 2014

Flappy Bird Madness: Second-hand iPhone with Flappy Bird pre-installed on eBay for $99,900

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The Flappy Bird madness goes on, with a second-hand iPhone with the game pre-installed on it having a price of almost $99,000 on eBay.

Game designer Dong Nguyen took down the game from app storeson Android and iPhone yesterday, signifying it can no longer be downloaded, but will still exist on devices that previously have it installed.

This is pretty unreasonable guys. I mean, if I would’ve known this whole Flappy Bird situation was going to lead people into making astounding profit from it, I would’ve bought for myself an iPhone. Seems some witty entrepreneurs out there decided to take it upon themselves to help those who weren’t able to take hold of a Flappy Bird download by throwing iPhones on ebay with the game pre-installed. Hey why not? Could make a couple hundred bucks or so.
The image above shows actual ebay bidding for one of these iPhones with Flappy Bird pre-installed on it. The bid is almost at $99,000! What? I want to believe this is fake, but looking on the authentic page it does seem to be legit. I even saw someone else post a screenshot of another iPhone with Flappy Bird installed on it going for $42,000. Fortunately it’s as simple as, click, click, and click, to put an apk file of the game on our Android devices.

Does this confirm that Flappy Bird is as maddeningly popular as has been argued? Or has the game gained awareness, inescapably flapping towards a final pipe that will always be out of reach?

I can’t even think someone would in reality pay that amount of money, and that very may be the case. It’s not like they are putting actual money on the table. Could be just idiots making fun of other idiots for putting the iPhone on Ebay. But we really will never know. Let us know your feelings about this madness. Maybe its the developer posting these iPhones to scrape up more currency from his game, and all this excitement surrounding it was just a smart marketing scheme.


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