Friday, September 6, 2013

You know you are an Engineering Student When….

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Being an engineering student I know what it takes to kick your social life and enter a whole new world of Engineers which has Nerds and Geeks as it’s main species. Irrespective of our field in engineering, we tend to develop certain habits which make us different, which makes us a whole new species. We are indifferently different, we make the world, we are ENGINEERS.

So here are some funny facts about engineering students.

You know you are an Engineering Student When….

1.When you think you are the smartest of all. Until the vivas.

2. When you don’t know the answer, and you try to throw technical terms at the external during viva.

3. When you make others believe that your college is the best.

4. When think you are the busiest man alive.

5. When you think that everyone else is vella  (Insane)

6. When you have GBs and GBs of movies.

7. And TBs and TBs of porn!

8. When you don’t know shit about anything in your vivas.

9. When you don’t want to continue with your engineering!

10.Even if you want to, you won’t get jobs!

11.When you fall in LOVE with every girl who talks to you.

12.When your books are opened only 1 Day prior EXAM.

13.When your biggest worry everyday is: What’s in the Mess today?

14. When you have 2 SHIRTS in total. (you mostly wear just one of them but just in case you take a shower, you go for another!)

15. All you dream of is the 20 Lakh Job!

16.When you think you can study for semester like you did in high school, but after getting first exam back all you think is to top in college and end up with more backs.

17.When your assignments are due soon and you don’t even know the topic of your assignments.

18. When you start Developing a finely tuned sense of hearing that can recognize the words “free food” being spoken from anywhere within a 100-foot radius.

19.When you have the periodic realization that you’ve been working on the same lab report for seven consecutive hours and you’re nowhere near the end.

20.When you feel smart about yourself… (Until you’re forced to do a project in some coding language which you’re pretty sure was delivered to Earth on a stone tablet from an alien planet where NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE).

21.When you finally get your code to work for reasons that remain completely unknown to you.

22.When you’ve had the professor who literally wrote the book on a subject in engineering yet has not mastered the complex science of turning on the overhead projector without a major incident.


24.When you’re slightly delighted when that one over smart kid in your 8 a.m. lecture finally answers a professor’s question incorrectly.

25.When most of your exams end up pretty much the same way.

26. When you realize the value of gaining 40%.

27. When you literally solve partial differentials in your sleep.

28. When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry on your life.

29. When you get all your assignments done by the boys in class because you are the only pretty girl in class.

30.When you seriously wonder whether pretty girls are, in fact, largely mythical.

31.When you have no social skills.

32.When you realize that trying to explain any scientific concept without sounding too nerdy is almost impossible.

33.When you have absolute no idea where the library is.

34.When somebody suggests you eat a meal with some semblance of nutritional balance. Or anything that’s not maggi, really.

35. When you’ve had at least one semester that started out manageable but quickly got away from you.

36.When you have your final next morning and you start thinking that sleep is for weak.

37. When you hear endless stories from the faculty at your college who “didn’t have computers/calculators/electricity” back when they were doing engineering.

38.  When you believe that technological progress is kinda the POINT of engineering, bro.

39.  When your laptop screen seems brighter than your future.

40.  When you can’t even spell engineering correctly.


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