Thursday, September 12, 2013

Everything you need to know about iPhone 5s

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          The new IPhone 5s is trending all over the world, and why not after all it deserves too. The blind fan following of the iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting to know more and more about the new Apple device.
so here it is, IPhone 5s Exposed

Everything you need to know about iPhone 5s
No Change outside.
The latest iPhone 5s looks similar to the old iPhone 5, but there are some Spectacular software and hardware upgrades inside.

Super Fast Processing Chip.

-With this incredibly powerful chip iPhone 5s will be able to run at twice the speed of old iPhone 5, this is due to a better chip and an upgrade to a 64 bit operating system.

But the Apps Will Still Run at 32 bit.

Sure the developers will progress to 64 bit soon, but as of now all the apps are designed to work at 32 bits and the users won't be able to take advantage of the 64 bit OS for a while. The menu of iPhone 5S will work faster, but did you really felt like it was running slow before???

Fingerprint Scanner.

-There's a sensor on the home button that scans your fingerprint to unlock the phone which is an alternative of the traditional passcode. 

-This Touch ID will make the iPhone 5s almost impossible to use if stolen, which may discourage theft. 

-When shopping for apps or music instead of typing in your iTunes passcode, you can now swipe your fingerprint to make the purchase

-Fingerprint scanning process is very fast, and the home button still feels the same.

Violation of Privacy.

Even though Apple says your fingerprint ID is stored on a chip inside your iPhone 5s, it does not mean that they won’t be able to access it if they want to?

They're already tracking your entire move, and maybe listening to our phone calls so it doesn’t really matter if they get some more information about your thumb print.

M7 Chip.

-M7 Chip measures motion data using a compass and an accelerometer.

- M7 Chip makes it possible to track you as it knows whether you’re running or walking, where and how far you’ve gone

Who Else is Tracking Your Movements?

The M7 chip always records your movements which may be great for fitness apps, but not for your privacy. It's possible that whoever is having an eye on your iPhone 5s will now know where exactly you are, whether you're walking, running, or driving, and how fast you're going. It's not known whether you are able to deactivate your chip or not, but you can't unplug it because it will be deep inside the guts of iPhone 5s.

Slow Motion Video Recording.

-Using the new iPhone 5s you can now record in 120 frames per second, which results in a neat slow motion effect in case you want to jump in a pool or something similar. 

Thumbs Down on the Slow Motion.

Slow motion video effects are cool, but they are neither revolutionary nor new. Slow motion effect that can be done on most video editing softwares , and this is not a new feature as it is already available on other smartphones.

Awesome Leather Cases.

For $39 you can get a stylish attractive leather case in your choice of a few colors with IPhone 5s.

Do You Really Need It?

Spending almost 40 bucks on a case so that your iPhone 5s won't shatter, just crack. If you really need a case for iPhone 5s than order one on eBay from China, they will cost you 5 to 10 bucks.

New Champagne Color.

-The new color looks cool and classy at the same time.

Better Gaming Capabilities.

-The new iPhone 5s supports OpenGP-ES3.0 gaming, which is a nerd’s way of saying that your iPhone 5s will run console/desktop level graphics.

Better Graphics Card. So What?

The new graphics card will support desktop level graphics, but who really wants to play games like GTA V or Call Of Duty on a small screen without a controller? The best games like Angry Birds and Temple Run graphics works anyways.

True Tone Flash.

-Low light sensitivity is better now.

 -The camera is improved too.

-Camera takes multiple pictures on it’s own then provide you with the best one.

- The True-Tone Flash is no doubt a good upgrade, but the camera is still 8 MP. Considering the reputation of Apple, it can provide you with 13 MP

The all new i0S7.

-i0S7, which has a completely new design, comes pre-installed on the new iPhone 5s, and will be available to current iPhone users for free on September 20th onwards.

The changes for i0S7 are just cosmetic, with almost no new features. Siri is upgraded, but mostly it's just more bright icons and new menu organization. But relax, it's free.

Iphone 5s Available From September 20th.

-Like always, Apple is making the phone available as soon as possible. Ut you need to make sure you pre-order your iPhone 5s or line up early.

Will you REALLY get your iPhone 5s this September 20th?

Sure you will, if you are willing to skip work, and line up behind a queue of hundreds of nerds that have made a social event out of camping, and then wait five or six hours.


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