Saturday, July 26, 2014

Google Play Store Estimated To Overtake Apple App Store

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Google Play overtakes the AppleApp Store with downloads now 25% higher, and app revenue that is gradually overtaking Apple’s sales. The increase is caused by international markets. This is a massive change, in July of this year Google Play had a momentous lead in app downloads, but only had 20 percent of Apple’s app store revenue.

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More individuals may use the cheaper Android devices, but until now, a big amount of the income from mobile devices came from Apple. The major difference between Apple’s iPhone users and Google’s Android Phone user is that Apple users downloaded more apps across the board.  iOS users pay more for apps in the app store than Android users do in Play Store.

That may change reasonably in a little while. Regardless of the fact that users pay far less for Android devices, Android’s 80 % market share is lashing up app revenue growth. The Google Play Store mobile app revenue will grab hold of Apple’s App Store in 2018 according to Radio FreeMobile analyst Richard Windsor.
Not only will Android probably overtake Apple by 2018, if the information is correct Google may take over the lower income market that can’t afford Apple products. If you’re a tech-geek you know that Android as been catching up Apple. Even though nearly every company that release downloadable apps for phones usually release them for iOS first, but they are rapid to release an app with the same features to Google Play.

Google Play has turned into a global app ecommerce platform that may soon guide the mobile marketplace


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