Friday, February 7, 2014

Apple iWatch with Wireless Charging.

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After Samsung launched Gear, at this instant it is Apple’s turn to drag something out of its sleeve. Rumor is filled with reports that the prototype of iWatch is already completed and will soon strike the market. Apple’s smart watch is one footstep in the lead, as it comes with the proximity-based wireless charging. The only challenge is that this smart watch will have is the recharging. It would have to be recharged repeatedly. It will be based on a magnetic device which will automatically charge the watch within a range of 1 meter.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is a rising idea and is soon catching up with numerous gadgets and device. Although this is a rather new concept, it has a lot of future and room to go. Wireless charging is still in its early stages. Many industry experts are thinking if this technology would soon bleed into other smart devices like the iPad and the iPhone. Knowing Apple, they will possibly adapt this technology to all their devices. Will the next launch be called iPhone 6 and will it have proximity-based wireless charging?

An Appealing concept

It is only a rumour, yet an appealing one. Apple products, particularly the iPhone lost its steam over the last two years. Samsung Galaxy had taken over the industry expert’s chair. If Apple comes up with the proximity based wireless charging to its next iPhone launch, then it could regain its position as the world leader in the mobile phone market. These days, the biggest challenge with devices is their battery life.

Although mobile phones offer a bunch of apps and tools, they generally tend to drain the battery life. Constantly charging the device is bothersome. Proximity-based charging may not be the perfect solution, but it can make app user’s life somewhat better.

Market stands

There are loads of wireless charging standards in the market by now. Will Apple’s forthcoming technology, as being slated; be able to survive this struggle? This is yet to be seen. However, if the rumors are factual, then this is the right time for Apple to launch such a technology. Apple has everything going for it, their flawless design, sense of perfection and faultless working make Apple products enormous. On the other hand, the only problem as of now seems to be stiffer competition. Apple is behind in the competition by delaying the launch of its products.


Samsung Gear was launched first and it has received a positive response from the marketplace. They are already improvising on the gear values. The dare with proximity-based wireless charging for Apple would be to prove its bravery. It is a gamble and a concept that may or may not take off.  If it does, then it could be a blessing in the form of a device for Apple. In the last decade, wireless technology has become successful by large.

However, it depends in the hands of mobile engineers at Apple to take the wireless technology in devices one step further. If they are talented enough to prove that this product has a faultless functionality just like other Apple products, then it could be the device of the decade. As of now, the prototype or the model watches from Apple are doing the rounds in the type of pictures. They look cool and are rumored to come in two different sizes. The rest is left to be seen when the authentic watches are unveiled.


Every pioneering technological product is like a breath of fresh air. With so many devices being launched every year, optimistically the iWatch will be launched soon. The markets are always willing to welcome new entrants as it makes business brisker. And if iWatch’s proximity-based charging can be extended to iPhone 6, it would be the vital icing on the cake!

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