Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phonebloks, The Phone of Future.

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Phonebloks, The Phone of Future.

So here i am back with my blog,i was somewhat busy with my mid-term submissions in college.
Engineering is not so easing, the practicals, the submissions, exams, viva, man this really sucks sometimes.  
Now leaving all those not so important things aside we should continue to our post. Recently Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. iPhone 5s has a promising future technology of fingerprint scanner which may prove a milestone in the mobile technology, but is this the phone of future, I don’t believe so.  Do you want to know what is the phone of future, if yes, keep reading.

Meet PhonebloksThe Phone of Future.

Have a look at the video at the end of post.(Strictly Recommended).
Phonebloks is made of removable bloks. You can connect the bloks to the base which puts everything together into a brand new solid phone. If a blok gets damage you can easily replace it, if it's out dated then you can just upgrade it. Impressive huh!

Phoneblocks is somewhat an eco-friendly future phone which is based on a really simple concept: we are wasting too much when it comes to gadgets,  A usual phone lasts only a few years before it becomes out dated or it breaks. Many a times it's just one part which wasted the phone, because either its almost impossible to repair or updgrade or very expensive.
As a result, we're throwing away mobile phones in big amount, which can harm our environment big time.
So What’s the solution for this, Make The Way For Phonebloks
Instead of replacing your whole phone just because the camera is not working anymore or the screen got cracked while you phone slipped out of your hand, Phonebloks allows you to just buy a replacement part and keep the rest of the phone that is working up to your mark.

This Phone also has huge ways for future upgrades.
Instead of throwing out the iPhone 5 to upgrade to the iPhone 5c or the iPhone 5s, for example, just buy the new processor from Apple and a cool new coloured case. Rather than sticking to a 41-megapixel, Nokia Lumia 1020 camera, just buy one blok and stick it onto the base.
And the best part is, You can totally customise your own smart phone : Every device will be the same but different in their own manners. Don’t care about storage customise to a bigger battery. Want more Speed and less camera,Buy a better blok for processor! And there infinite options.
It's a simple yet brilliant concept, but unfortunately, it's really a challenge for the mobile providers.
It means that all the providers must first need to agree on a standard for making phones are universal unlike iPhone 5s using nano SIM where everyone else is using a micro SIM.
It would also require providers to surrender their uniqueness, which companies like Apple pride themselves on.
I pray that the concept of Phoneblocks remains out there long enough that it can be a company itself, rather than trying to bring all providers under one roof which is almost impossible.
When the Phonebloks becomes a reality I will definitely go for it.

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