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How Facebook Hashtags works and How to use Facebook Hashtags:

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So I was just checking out my Facebook lately on my android device, and something weird happened. I saw a new feature and that was Trending: “topic”. Recently Facebook introduced a new hashtags feature. Let´s take a minute to learn how Facebook hashtags works and how to use facebook hashtags.

Facebook announced that it recently integrated hashtags as a way of bringing all the conversations about public events, people, and topics to the limelight. The world´s biggest social network considered the amount of buzz people generate around popular television shows, sport games, and breaking events.
The hashtags will work on personal profile posts, fan page posts, group posts, event posts, and all comments.

How Facebook Hashtags works and How to use Facebook Hashtags:

All you need to know about Facebook Hashtags:

·         Clicking on the hashtag (#) redirects you to its feed. Also you can click on hashtags (#) that arise on other services, for Example Instagram.
·         All the hashtags on Facebook has its own unique URL.
·         You can search for a specific hashtag, for example, #harrypotter or you can also type facebook.com/hashtag­/topic in your search bar (replace the “topic” with the tag you want to search).
·         You can make posts directly from the hashtag feed and search results.

A few Facebook Hashtag Tips

Marketers have already learnt the power of hashtags and are coming up with the ways they can be used to their highest capacity. You can find some great tips and ideas under #hashtagtips including:
·         Whether you like the new #hashtag feature or not, start using them in your Facebook posts. Everyone will see your hashtags as hyperlink links.
·         Every hashtag on Facebook has its own unique and specific URL. Redirect traffic to that URL from other sites to start more interesting conversation.
·         You can also include hashtags when posting from mobile. Hashtags don't work on some mobiles yet, but they work on desktop even when you post it through your mobile phone.
·         You can use hashtags for starting a conversation with a group. Everything you write with a hashtag will be grouped in its own status update box.
·         Use tags in trending topics related to your page to get more likes.
·         Make the #FirstLetterI­nEachWordCapital in your post to make it more easy to read and catchy on the eye.
·         Don´t be a weirdo and don’t overdo your post with hashtags, 1 or 2 is enough.

All about Facebook Hashtag privacy

And the best thing is you control who sees your posts, even that post which includes hashtags. Below are some hashtag related privacy settings
·         As with all personal profile features on Facebook,privacy settings prevail.
·         If you publish a post on your profile to friends only, and the post contains a hashtag, the hashtag will be clickable and open up to display all other posts on Facebook containing that hashtag.
·         But, ONLY friends can see friends-only posts that show up in hashtag searches.
·         Public posts—with or without hashtags—are public.
·         Private (friends-only) posts—with or without hashtags—are just that: private and visible to friends only.
·         Even when friends include hashtags in comments on your friends-only thread, your post is still private and visible just to your friends.
·         With hashtags shared in private groups, that clickable hashtag will open to show public posts with that tag (along with any friends' posts with that tag), but posts from the private group are only available to group members.
·         Individual comments on threads do not surface in hashtag searches.


Hashtags are a great invention. Facebook might be late in jumping on the train, and they might be doing it for the wrong reasons, but that shouldn’t keep you from caring about your image and using hashtags correctly.

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