Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Normal Day

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Eyes are getting heavy, feeling very tired, unlike the kids dancing outside on the song Go Go GOVINDA. People are gathering outside on the occasion of Janmashtmi Utsav, I never knew we had so many children living in the same society. It’s not that I don’t like children it’s just that I like their absence more. Nevertheless, let them enjoy, I should complete my work.
                Had a normal day today, I was late for college (as usual) despite the fact that I had test on two subjects which I didn’t studied at all. I was already late by 5 minutes by the time I reached the college campus, saw the HOD scolding two of my seniors for being late and I managed to slip behind his back. Engineering colleges in my campus are very strict about a student’s attendance, although being in second year gave us some relaxation. Information Technology is what I am interested in, but I never knew that few subjects in IT will be so boring. Giving test was not fun, they never were and perhaps never will be, I believe it’s a waste of time. May be I would had slept for some more time which was better than praying for a miracle to happen during test.
So this me, Sharik Dokadia, trying to write a blog, Why I am writing this blog? I don’t know. May be because my friend said I should start blogging. Hmm blogging… Interesting huh! I will try to be regular on this blog, but my Mid-term Submissions may act as an obstacle. Got a bunch of assignments to complete.

Will be back tomorrow, I have no idea what will I write about but still……. I should give a try.

Till then
Hasta la Vista

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